If you want to improve your Instagram marketing, you should care how people interact with your content. Each engagement or non-engagement tells you exactly what people think of your posts.

  • Did people save it?
  • Did they leave comments?
  • Did people unfollow you and block you?

All these interactions are data points that can help you consistently evolve.

One of my favorite “insights” to look at is the  “Public Story Reshares” on each post. This shows the accounts who shared your feed posts and how they shared it. You can see exactly what people said about your content to their followers. It’s one of the most intimate, important metrics to analyze and most people don’t even know it exists.

Go to a recent post, click the three dots in the top right corner, and click “View Story Reshares.” Boom. You can see every public reshare of your post that is currently live.

You won’t see the View Story Reshares option on older posts because there are most likely not any active shares (in the last 24 hours) of that post.

Is this a life changing IG hack? No. But, it’s another good data point for your posts. The moral of this short, boring, but useful blog is to constantly view the Insights and metrics of your content… on all platforms.

I didn’t say one thing that was funny in this entire blog. Except maybe the sentence before this. Have a great day and share this blog or the IG post to your story so I can see it and feel good about myself.