Instagram has been acting insane lately. Engagement is all over the place, suggested posts are flooding our feeds, and users are getting logged out for no reason. Recently I couldn’t access my account for 90 minutes and I thought my career was over. But, as a veteran in the game I knew that when strange activity like this happens, it usually means that the app is going through a major update or another algorithm change. Then right on cue, this video appeared in my timeline from IG “Coach” Brock Johnson.

In case you didn’t watch…90 SECOND REELS ARE HERE.

(Don’t mind the lunatic in the photo)

That’s right, as Instagram continues to try to chip away at TikTok’s lead on creator culture, they are now giving us the option to upload vertical videos up to a minute and a half long. But, TikTok recently started allowing users to upload TEN minute videos in a push to compete with YouTube directly. Also, don’t forget that YouTube implemented SHORTS to compete with TikTok and Reels. The battle rages on.

Don’t try to pick a winner. Put your content everywhere.

What do 90 Second Reels mean for you?

Just like Brock said in his video, Instagram is focusing on creators who produce original content and original audio. This will help realtors who produce storytelling content, listing videos, property tours and educational videos. The 90 second limit will give creators who like longer form content more freedom on the platform.

Also, this means you should probably start recording some longer videos. As we know, Instagram pushes and prioritizes accounts who immediately adopt its newest features. So, if you have the option to create 90 second Reels, try it. Btw, if you don’t have the 90 second option yet on Reels don’t worry, it will come to you eventually. IG randomly gives it to accounts in certain locations before pushing it to everyone at once. 

It’s crazy because this is antithetical to everything I’ve been preaching recently about how short-form, 10-15 seconds is the way to go as our attention spans continue to dwindle. I guess we’ll see how this does.

Do you think this will help Instagram compete with TikTok or have they already lost the battle for creators?