It’s easy to get sucked into negativity.

Especially with today’s headlines, when everyone seems to be coming for the housing market, and the whirlwind of the past two years is dying down.

The question is, will you let fear consume you, or will you work to build a positive outlook and a thriving business?

Here are the four components of a strong mindset that my team is focusing on as we shift into 2023.

Be Careful What You Consume

One of my mentors always says, “Garbage in, garbage out.”

If you are watching the news and getting caught up in the fear-mongering around inflation, recession, and interest rates, then that’s what your brain will focus on. And in turn, you’ll end up spreading that fear in every conversation you have.

Instead, listen to positive podcasts or watch YouTube content that fills you with positivity and inspiration.

What you consume matters. If you consume fear, that will become your narrative. But if you consume positivity, you will spread positivity—and that will help attract the right clients for your business. 

Choose Positive Self-Talk

Whether it’s a voice in your brain or the words you say out loud, we all have self-talk.

If your self-talk is negative and full of fear and doubt, you’ll operate from that place.

When you catch yourself speaking negatively, stop and consciously choose to change your self-talk. Come from a place of abundance and opportunity, and soon, it will follow.

If you believe you are doing what is in your clients’ best interests and you are looking to serve them, you will find more opportunities for abundance and growth.

Those opportunities begin with positive self-talk. 

Listen, we could all sit around and bitch about what’s going on in our lives. Or, we could find opportunity in the situation. Opportunity is always there—if you’re looking for it, you’ll find it.

Spend Time with People Who Align with Your Values

You’ve heard it before—you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

The more time you spend with people who talk about positivity, abundance, and scaling their business, the more you will think in terms of growth and prosperity.

On the flip side, if you spend time with people who are doom and gloom, that’s ultimately who you’ll become. 

Take time to determine who you spend the most time with and ask yourself, “Are these people in alignment with the mindset and actions that I want for myself?”

Then work to create an inner circle that helps lift you up. 

Commit to a Morning Routine

How I start my day determines how my day goes.

If I wake up late, miss my workout, and grab a croissant sandwich on my way to the office, I’m much more influenced by the negative factors in my life. 

Compare that to days I wake up early to exercise, have a healthy breakfast, and do my gratitudes; I feel like a superhero. Then when things go wrong—because life is like that, shit goes down—it’s easier to deflect negative energy and focus on creating solutions.

Make time for a morning routine that gives you energy and helps you carry positivity throughout the day.

With a strong mindset, you can fall back on all the abundance in your life. Think about all you have: amazing clients, a growing business, and the ability to make a difference. Spend time to strengthen and protect your mindset every day, giving you the momentum needed to continue to thrive—no matter what is happening in the market.