Every real estate agent has their own marketing strategy that generates leads. Most agents use social media, mailers, door knocking, and the controversial Zillow.

While opinions of Zillow vary, one thing is certain, Zillow gets the phone to ring!  

What separates a good agent from a great agent is what they do with a Zillow lead. In my opinion, there are three ways to maximize every Zillow lead.

Pick Up The Phone 

I know this seems like common sense, but you’d be shocked at how many agents don’t pick up the phone when Zillow comes calling.  

Agents, team leads, and brokers pay thousands to get the phone to ring. Every time a call is missed, it’s like throwing money away.  Make sure your phone is set up so you receive alerts when Zillow calls. 

Schedule Multiple Showings 

When looking to build rapport and deliver value to a new Zillow client, it’s important to do some additional work.  

If a buyer requests to see a specific property during your first call, why not schedule a few other showings in the area for similar houses? This gives you more time to bond with the client, and they will appreciate the effort you put forth.  Who knows, they might fall in love with the second, third, or fourth property you propose.

Be Their Guide 

When a new lead calls through Zillow and says, “I want to see this house,” they are really asking for a guide to help them through the incredibly scary process of buying a home.  

For that reason, it’s crucial to take control of the sale and educate the client. Explain the entire process in an elementary way and ask the right questions. 

Be the point person for everything and anything real estate related. Refer your team or trusted professionals to help along the way. This is how you retain client loyalty and gain access to their referral network.  

Zillow is an amazing resource that can make most agents thousands of dollars each month.  All you need to do is be aggressive and follow the three rules laid out in this post, and I guarantee you’ll succeed.