Do NOT forget about email. According to Tom Ferry coach, Jason Pantana, four out of five (top) marketers would rather give up their social media accounts than their emails. Why? Even though it’s awesome to see the likes roll in from your TikTok lip sync, emails still have the best ROI.

Also, you own your email list. Tomorrow, Instagram can decide to ban your account for whatever reason. In fact, recently I got locked out of all of BAM’s Instagrams. The app was going through an update and logged off millions of users for hours. It reminded me how vulnerable social media is. You can get hacked, forget your password, or get suspended. Your email however is NOT at the mercy of an algorithm or the opinions of a tech oligarch.

So, how do you get more emails?

The traditional ways are open houses, networking events and having a popup on your website for the one person that visits per day. These methods work, but can take years to build anything substantial.

I’ve got something better, and no, I did not invent this. But, I just did it for BAM to grow our email list and it reminded me how effective it is… Ready?


I know what you’re thinking. “I’m not a social media guru looking to sell a course, how the hell am I supposed to come up with an Ebook?” Don’t think of it as an Ebook, think of it as a “downloadable asset” for your clients. Basically, create something of value and have people opt-in with their email to get it. As I just mentioned, we just did this with a 12 page Ebook titled  “Your Instagram Prescription” that details exactly what you should do on a weekly basis to get more followers and engagement on Instagram. Download it. 

I posted this to The Broke Agent Story, explained what it was and threw in a “Download Here” link and got over 1500 downloads in less than 24 hours. That’s 1500 emails. If I would have written it/marketed it as a blog post, 1500 people would not have clicked on that link. The feeling of getting an exclusive asset of value persuades more people to click, and entices them so much that they are willing to trade an email for the value. Which this ebook delivers. It actually does provide way more value than a traditional blog post, with actionable items and took hours to complete with graphics, designs, etc.

So, for agents what can you do?

If you’re an active agent, you have more knowledge about the market than the average consumer does. 

Here are some ideas to provide value:

  • First time buyer guide
  • First time seller guide
  • What to do if you’re planning on selling your house
  • How to choose an agent (with you being the obvious choice)
  • The pre-approval process
  • Market snapshot
  • What happens to real estate in a recession
  • Your thoughts on the current shift

How do you do it?

  1. Create the asset: Write what you want to talk about on a Google doc or however you collect your thoughts
  2. Make it pretty: Have the graphics department at your brokerage hook it up with a few images and make it look nice (you can use images from KCM if you’re talking about the market)
  3. Set up a landing page on something like LeadPages: I think it’s one of the easiest. There’s more out there but it works great and is very plug and play 
  4. Upload the PDF: To said landing page 
  5. Promote it: Post it to your social media. Throw a link in your story, and ask a question like “a lot of chatter in the market about a shift, here is a breakdown of what to expect this summer.” Then add a CTA (call to action) like “Download Now” and BOOM.

Here’s the one I did:

Another great aspect to the Ebook is you can continue to market yourself throughout the asset. You can include all your info, your listings, events and whatever else you want to plug. 

You can also run a Facebook/Instagram ad to your ebook/asset to get even more emails.

Hope this helps! Now, download my ebook or sign up for our email list.