As a real estate agent, you can’t afford to keep a low profile. You want the people in your neighborhood to think of you the next time they start thinking about buying or selling a home—or investing in real estate. 

Building those connections starts with getting yourself in front of as many people as possible. And one tried-and-true farming tactic to let people know you’re friendly, approachable, and ready to help is a pop-by where you leave a thoughtful gift with each person you visit. 

The type of gift you leave could be tied to a particular event your recipients care about or to a particular season or holiday. It could also be a thank you gift for clients you’ve helped with previous transactions—or for those who’ve referred business to you. 

And since the holiday season will be here before you know it, we’ve rounded up 20 seasonal pop-by ideas to either copy or to use as a springboard for your own imagination. 

Fall Pop-Bys

  1. “Fall Forward” gift bag—with encouraging surprises like an autumn spice room spray or scented candle, vanilla or cinnamon-scented lotion or salt/sugar scrub, a small journal and pen, some soothing tea, and a cozy throw.
  2. Tailgate Party Kit—Create a mini tailgate party package with snacks, a cooler, team-branded cups or koozies, and a schedule of local football games or events.
  3. Local Farm Market Bag—Give clients a reusable tote bag filled with fresh produce from a local farm market, along with a list of nearby markets and recipes for fall dishes.
  4. Thankful for You—with treats to let the recipients know you’re thankful for them: a small box of chocolates or truffles, a dish towel, artisanal jams/preserves, an autumn spice candle, and a bottle of wine or sparkling apple cider, 
  5. Pumpkin-carving kit—with a pumpkin and stencils and tools to make it easy for them to create a seasonal decoration for their home or front porch. 
  6. Fall Gardening Kit—Put together a package with bulbs for planting fall flowers, gardening gloves, a small trowel, and a packet of hot cocoa for a cozy post-gardening treat.
  7. Autumn Wellness Bag—As the weather cools down, gift your clients with a wellness bag containing herbal teas, a cozy blanket, a mindfulness coloring book, and scented essential oils for relaxation.
  8. Cooking Class Gift Certificate—Gift clients a certificate for a local cooking class where they can learn to prepare a special fall dish. Include a spice blend or a unique cooking utensil.
  9. Fall Home Maintenance Kit—Include items like gutter cleaning tools, a rake, leaf bags, and a DIY home maintenance checklist to help your clients prepare their homes for the upcoming winter season.
  10. Fall Craft Beer Sampler—Assemble a selection of seasonal craft beers from local breweries, along with beer glasses or coasters. Include a list of recommended food pairings for each beer.

Winter Pop-Bys

  1. Winter Photo Session—Arrange a professional family photo session for your clients in a scenic location. Be sure to book these early so clients can use them for their holiday cards!
  2. Hot cocoa kit—Create an assortment of personal hot cocoa blends, coffees, and/or teas, a couple of stainless thermal mugs or travel tumblers, and some shortbread cookies for dipping. 
  3. “Stay cozy” kit—With warm socks, a fleece throw, hot cocoa mix, hand warmers, lip balm, and a holiday spice scented candle (or room spray).
  4. Winter Wonderland Candle Set—Put together a set of winter-scented candles, such as pine, peppermint, and evergreen, along with a cozy blanket for those chilly evenings.
  5. Home Spa Experience—Create a spa experience at home with luxurious bathrobes, scented bath salts, a plush towel set, and a selection of soothing teas or hot cocoa.
  6. Home Sweet Home Ornament—Give personalized ornaments featuring their new home’s address or a meaningful message, along with a small evergreen tree or a potted plant they can decorate.
  7. Warm Welcome Package—Include a welcome mat, a basket of freshly baked cookies, and a set of cozy slippers to make their new home feel warm and inviting.
  8. Indoor Sports Package—Include a gift card to a local indoor sports facility that offers activities like indoor tennis, racquetball, or rock climbing, along with sports-themed snacks or merchandise.
  9. Home Energy Efficiency Kit—Give clients a kit that promotes energy efficiency, including LED light bulbs, weatherstripping, and tips on how to save on heating costs during the winter.
  10. New Year’s box—Include a wall or desk calendar, a planner for the new year, some fresh new pens, along with confetti poppers, a bottle or mini bottles of champagne or sparkling wine, and a pair of festive glasses marked with the new year. 

Don’t forget the personal touch

With each of these gifts, you’ll want to include a personal note with your name and contact information. 

Let them know why you’re stopping by to deliver your gift, whether it’s to thank them for a referral or for giving you the opportunity to help them with a home sale or purchase—or just to let them know you’re around and wanting to get to know more of the people in your community. 

You can also invite them to call or message you anytime if they’re thinking about buying or selling but are confused by conflicting or discouraging reports on the housing market. That’s your opening to become their go-to resource for reliable information and guidance for all things real estate.