We’re back with another set of bad real estate pics for the week of September 4th-10th. If nothing else, we hope the following visuals will remind you of something to be grateful for. 

The cringe factor for number seven might actually pull a muscle. You’ve been warned. 

#1—Sensory Nightmare

I think they were going for “plush and indulgent,” but all we’re getting from this video tour is an itchy feeling that won’t go away. We’re right there with commenters who said, “I can smell this video,” and “Dear God! It never ends.” Even the bathroom… just why?

Source: @badrealestatepics Caption: “Do you like? 🤢 Via @lynneckell” 

#2—A River Runs Under It

Who doesn’t love an authentic-looking water feature in their home? We have to wonder, though, what that water is putting into the air (probably nothing good). Plus, unlike the shag carpeting, you can’t just rip this out and pretend it was never there. 

Source: @badrealestatepics Caption: “Calming water feature”

#3—Designed by Reddit

The designer of this delightful spectacle asked fellow Redditors for advice on how to decorate the space above the door. Then they took all the advice (all of it) and created a visual mash-up. Our favorite comment so far: “Bitchin’ Xbox setup” by @villorreal 

Sources: @badrealestatepics Caption “WTF is this?” / @whatthecrazyhouse Caption: “The dinosaur head aaahhhhhh hahahahahahahahahah”

#4—The Invisible House

For those scratching their heads at the caption, picture yourself in a home that lets in the heat from every sunbeam—in an area that gets 3-digit temps in summer. That pool will earn its keep.

Source: @whatthecrazyhouse Caption: “The invisible house. Joshua Tree. California. I hope you like swimming!” 

#5—For those late-night bathroom runs

The toilet in the bedroom (or bed in the bathroom?) is apparently the dealbreaker for some of the commenters, rather than the $1.4 million price tag. Could be a hot ticket as an AirBNB, though. 

Source: @whatthecrazyhouse Caption: “1.4 mil and a toilet next to the bed. Nope. I’m going to pass. Thanks @verasaucy and @cesca678” 

#6—So many things could go wrong. 

We love clever storage solutions, but no space-saving hack is worth serious bodily injury. That’s what we see happening with these stairs. And judging by the comments, we’re not alone. 

Source: @whatthecrazyhouse Caption: “Idk about you but I’m overwhelmed” 

#7—Bring that public restroom magic home. 

Try explaining this one as an agent. Or don’t. Best comment so far: “When the intrusive thoughts win” (@hello_spider). We’re guessing the designer has fond memories involving public bathrooms, but… ew. 

Source: @whatthecrazyhouse Caption: “Ummmmmm……. In a bathroom?” — Fav comment: “When the intrusive thoughts win.” by @hello.spider