Welcome to this week’s selection of bad real estate pics straight from Instagram. Jumpscare warning for #6. 

#1— Sus Staging

Imagine your family here! Who has that many frames lined up like that? It would have been better to leave the wall blank.

#2— The Perfect Shower Edge

This unfortunate shower might be enough to bring back shower shoes. Seriously though, why not pick up the shampoo and conditioner to make this place look less dumpy?

Which irks you more, the dirty shower mat or the drain cover being off?

#3— Weirdly Impersonal House

Great opportunity for anyone looking for that weird mall vibe.

Our fav comment from @katie.lane_   I just know some culty shit is going down here.”

#4— Breakfast Art

A cozy little kitchen nook designed to inspire in case you can’t decide what to make for breakfast! The “artist” involved with this made an exciting decision to split the banana—one you have to respect.

#5— Angle Nightmare

No, this isn’t a duplex. Just another great reminder that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Our fav comment from @ketamemequeen2: “I feel like I made this house in sims.”

#6— Crime Scene

Just figured we’d give you a break from all these unsightly real estate pics. Seriously though, these doors give me the creeps, and this didn’t help. 

#7— Weird shower

Another day, another cringe, misplaced Pinterest quote. I can’t decide if I hate the yellow gingham wall or the curtain more.

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