On this episode of the Massive Agent Podcast, we’re talking about why I believe ‘Marry the House, Date the Rate’ is actually fantastic advice, yet so many agents are fucking it up. 

I explain exactly why this is sound advice, how so many agents are misinterpreting it, and what agents should be doing to educate themselves and their community on the potential benefits of the phrase. 

It’s time we make sure everyone understands the full and ultimately helpful meaning behind this phrase. And that’s where you, as real estate professionals, come in. 

Listen to the podcast above or click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0003:50 Intro

01:29 There’s also been a huge debate among agents

03:11 What we need now is more voices.

07:00 Walk Thru episode 28

08:57 Refinancing is not a sure thing

11:07 It’s not the idea that’s controversial; it’s the execution

11:35 Start making videos about this

13:01 We need more agents invested in educating themselves and their community.

13:46 Be careful, but do more content.

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