How much thought have you given to maximizing your marketing in 2023? That’s the first order of business for this week’s episode of The Walk Thru—the last of 2022. 

Walk Thru OG Paige Steckling returns to the show, joined by first-time BAM guest moderator Brad McCallum. They share some of their hacks for maximizing their marketing—ones that served them well this year—and what they’ve learned from the changing market. 

Next on the agenda was a BAM article on “Videos Real Estate Agents Can Make In 2023,” sparking a conversation on which video types each of the four use and prefer—and why. 

The Broke Agent details the pros of green screen videos, and Byron shares a hack for agents looking to get into the luxury market. 

The third topic was about the best of 2022—the year that will be history in three days’ time. And finally, topic number four was all about each person’s New Year’s business resolutions. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0002:25 Intro

02:25 Topic #1: “How to Maximize Marketing in a Down Market” (Housing Wire)

05:59 What Paige is doing to maximize exposure

16:20 Brad’s biggest marketing hack

21:22 Topic #2: “Videos Real Estate Agents Can Make In 2023” (BAM)

24:32 Brad’s bold prediction for 2023

27:26 Pros of green screen and a hack for getting into the luxury market

34:23 Topic #3: Best of 2022

34:44 Brad’s best of 2022

36:37 Paige’s best of 2022

40:55 Eric’s best of 2022

43:04 Byron’s best 2022

45:22 Topic #4: New Year Business Resolutions

45:38 Paige’s resolutions

47:38 Brad’s resolutions

49:48 Eric’s resolutions

53:01 Byron’s resolutions

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