Once you decide you’re ready to take action to grow your business—and you know you need a skilled virtual assistant on your team—it’s time to look at your options. 

And BAM now has an ebook for every stage of the process. 

In Volume 1, How do I Hire a Virtual Assistant?, we focused on identifying tasks to delegate and creating a job description for the VA your business needs. 

Volume 2, Interviewing & Onboarding Your Virtual Assistant, covered everything you need to know about interviewing and onboarding your virtual assistant. 

In Volume 3, we dive right into training and managing your VA to prepare them for success as a member of your team and support them as they learn the ropes. 

After reading this free guide, you’ll know… 

  • The five key steps to training your virtual assistant
  • How to assess the effectiveness of your training
  • Four common issues that come up in managing your VA
  • Seven common concerns to address with your VA
  • How to keep your VA (and yourself) accountable
  • How to address any gaps in your VA’s training
  • How to normalize clear communication for everyone on your team

The sooner you know all this, the sooner you can get the ball rolling and reap the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant. 

No time to waste! Click here to download your free copy and dig in!