For this week’s episode of The Walk Thru, Haley Ingram and Andrew Undem join Captain Dan Oneil and The Broke Agent for a conversation that starts with a HubSpot article on four cons of AI in marketing, highlighting its limitations and the human element it was never designed to replace.  

Next up is an Inman article debunking six social media myths, followed by a BAM article sharing expert predictions on where home prices are headed in 2023. 

Finally, the conversation turns to marketing tactics with the best ROI, with each moderator sharing their insights on what has worked for them and what they recommend to new agents.

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0003:45 Intro

03:45 Topic #1: Four AI controversies marketers and brands should avoid 

12:49 Topic #2: Six social media myths debunked 

26:38 The importance of engaging with people on Instagram

33:35 Topic #3: Expert panel predicts where home prices are going in 2023—and beyond 

37:23 When your client asks, “What’s the housing market gonna look like in six months?” 

41:57 Topic #4: Is it worth it? 10 Traditional marketing tactics for your business

44:09 “Where are you seeing the best ROI in your marketing, and what do you recommend?”

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