This week on The Walk Thru, veteran moderators Haley Ingram and Andrew Undem join Captain Dan Oneil and The Broke Agent to tackle four new and timely topics in the world of real estate and agent marketing. 

For starters, they shared their thoughts on the topic of realtor safety and reacted to an article on a NAR committee’s recommended addition to the MLS

Next up was an article by BAM Creator Tom Story on how to create a podcast that people actually listen to, followed by another BAM article on consumer perceptions of the housing market vs. reality

For topic #4,  to help you maximize your content reach and boost your engagement, The Broke Agent shared some social media tips on posting strategies that have worked for him. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0002:29 Intro

02:29 Topic #1—Realtor safety 

12:07 Topic #2—How to build a podcast people will actually listen to

28:53 Topic #3—Consumer perceptions vs. reality

47:42 Topic #4—Today in social 

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