BAM Key Details:

  • On Thursday, August 31, the NAR Executive Committee held an emergency meeting.
  • NAR’s new president Tracy Kasper issued a statement after the meeting stating the committee is “united in support of our staff and that includes Bob.”
  • The statement also addressed the need to rebuild trust, and that third party experts will be brought in to look at what is being done. 

After the resignation of Kenny Parcell, former president of the National Association of REALTORS®, the industry is left wondering about the rest of the leadership within the organization.

Aside from sexual harassment claims against Parcell, the New York Times article shed light on several allegations against NAR, including a culture of fear and intimidation that starts at the very top of the chain of command. 

This has led to calls for resignation or early retirement for NAR CEO Bob Goldberg, who is currently scheduled to retire at the end of 2024. Last night, the industry received an update on where NAR stands regarding its leadership team—but not the update many expected. 

NAR’s new president, Tracy Kasper, released a statement after an emergency meeting with the NAR Executive Committee on Thursday, as first reported by Real Estate News. In it, she stated the executive committee is “united in support of our staff and that includes Bob.”

Not a Problem?

Initial responses from NAR and its leadership have also been scrutinized, including Goldberg’s statement to The Times during an interview. When asked if the organization has an issue with sexual harassment, Goldberg said, 

I would not characterize it as a problem.

Bob Goldberg

CEO, National Association of Realtors

In an email through a NAR spokesperson, Goldberg later expanded, “We operate in a society where, unfortunately, inappropriate conduct can occur. Like any organization, we are not immune to these challenges, and any single allegation concerns me.”

These types of responses, along with additional claims and allegations that have come out since The Times exposé, showcase what many believe to be a toxic culture at NAR, one that has been allowed by the current leadership team.

NAR Supports CEO Bob Goldberg

Agents and industry professionals have been calling for the resignation of NAR’s CEO on social media and public forums all week. Jason Haber, founder of the NAR Accountability Project, delivered an open letter to members of the executive committee on Thursday. In it, the first proposal was to “Replace the entire leadership team at NAR including CEO Bob Goldberg.”

In her statement, Kasper addressed the need to rebuild trust, as well as the need to call in third party experts. However, it does not look like CEO Bob Goldberg will be stepping down early, a decision the executive committee supports.

Read Kasper’s full statement below: 

We know there are some who have been hurt, and we acknowledge that it is up to all of us at NAR to make the necessary change to create an atmosphere where they feel safe. The Executive Committee met today to discuss NAR policies and procedures related to complaints of member misconduct. We recognize there is so much work to be done. We will be seeking further input and considerations for action through recommendations of the Executive Committee and the Culture PAG.

The consensus among the Executive Committee is we need to rebuild trust with staff and members with meaningful change. We are bringing in third party experts to carefully and comprehensively look at what we’re doing now for what works, what needs to be changed and what is missing. We also will support and empower staff in their similar efforts. The Executive Committee agreed we have a shared purpose and are united in support of our staff and that includes Bob.

This question is, will Goldberg do the work to start a new culture, one that not only supports staff but protects the interests of Realtors, or is he simply finishing out another year at a salary of over $2 million