First off, February needs to be at least 30 days. 28 is ridiculous and March comes as a surprise every year, no matter how long you’ve lived on this cursed planet! Having said that, March is a FANTASTIC month for real estate content. We got some fun holidays, some notable pop culture + sports events to trendjack, and we are finally ushering in the SPRING MARKET… or are we?

Let’s get into some content ideas.


March 12th: Daylight Savings Time. One thing the American public universally agrees on is that gaining and then losing an hour twice a year and having to adjust clocks for Daylight Savings Time is a SIN. So, how can you incorporate this into your real estate content? Well, first here’s what you shouldn’t do. DO NOT post a generic Instagram template that reminds people to “move their clocks forward.” Also, don’t send an email saying that unless you include some other value. What you can do is make a couple jokes about it…

Or do two things that everyone hates: Daylight Savings Time and houses with no natural light. Kind of a stretch but there’s something there. 

How about this!? Feature some of your properties with natural light or talk about when the sun best illuminates different parts of the property. It would be cool to do a time-lapse video that shows the entire house from dusk till dawn and the best places to be in the house or in the backyard during the different times of day. 

March 14th: Pie Day. In honor of the mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter equalling roughly 3.14, go drop off a pie off to all of your clients. Better yet, ignore this day completely and don’t acknowledge its existence. 

March 17th: St. Patrick’s Day. For some people, this holiday is about celebrating the foremost patron saint of Ireland. For most of us, it’s just another excuse to get hammered. For realtors it’s an excuse to trendjack and do some clever marketing! IRISH I was your agent!

Because St. Paddy’s Day is synonymous with drinking, do a video about the best bars in your farm to celebrate. You can do this via green screen, running through the pros and cons of each or you can physically go to each one and give tours. If you have actual Irish bars in your area, definitely focus on those. Let people know when they should start lining up if it gets busy and maybe even to the classic “interview a local business owner.” Again, if that’s too tedious just look them up online, green screen it, and give your audience some options. 

March 17th falls on a Friday, so if you happen to be sitting an open house you can serve something green. Although that’s disgusting. Don’t do that. Forget you read that sentence.

Another Reel/TikTok idea is you can tell a story about something “lucky” that happened to you or a client. Or maybe showcase the greenest houses, parks, landscapes in your area? Stream of consciousness here. Moving on. 

(March 3rd): Forgot this one. This is perhaps the most important day in the history of real estate. Eric Simon, The Broke Agent (me) was born. Make sure you wish him a happy birthday and like, comment, save, and share all of his content on this day.


March 14th – April 3rd: March Madness. The NCAA Tournament is back to make Americans extremely unproductive for a couple weeks. Remember, every year you have a one in a Billion chance of filling out a perfect bracket to win hundreds of millions of dollars and therefore never having to sell another house again! We can only dream…

Similar to St Paddy’s Day, you can definitely do some content around the coolest restaurants/bars to watch the games at. Here’s an idea: host your own bracket challenge sponsored by your real estate team and get your clients to join. Give away prizes and most importantly, collect those emails. Tattoo your team’s logo to every bracket so when they see their Final Four pick lose to Kent State in the first round they think of YOU! You can easily host your own bracket challenger on ESPN or Yahoo. 

If you have a team playing in the tournament that your market traditionally roots for, host watch parties or bar tabs. At the very least, throw the games on at your opens and look out for memeable moments that you can spin into content. 

MLB Spring Training. If you live in Arizona or Florida, Spring Training is a perfect opportunity to give away cheap tickets to clients or host events. The games don’t mean anything, but it’s cool to get close to the players. Some of my best memories as a child were going to Rockies and D’backs games in Tucson, Arizona. Back then I thought I was going to play shortstop for the Yankees. Now, I am writing blogs for real estate agents about how to trendjack Spring Training. Young Eric Simon would be furious. 

NBA and the NHL. The regular seasons start to get serious as we inch closer to the playoffs in both leagues. Lebron is possibly out for the year and Durant finally puts on the Suns uniform for the first time. 


Rates are still fluctuating, inventory is still low, and both buyers and sellers are in a standoff or what Byron likes to call the “Cold War of Real Estate.” Compare this Spring to last, note inventory levels, price fluctuations, and make sure to green screen local stories. 


March 1st: New season of the Mandalorian. This means Baby Yoda memes will be circulating around the internet again.

March 12th: The Oscars. While we probably won’t get lucky enough to see something as crazy as #slapgate last year, awards shows like this are still dependable for the occasional viral moment despite the fact that they are utterly insufferable to watch. You can do some content at certain times clients should “act” a certain way. For example, if your buyer loves the house they should not act overly obsessed with it as it can hurt your negotiating power!

OR you can host your own awards!

Cocaine Bear. Still can’t believe this is real. Technically, this came out in February, but more and more people are starting to see this movie, like it, and most importantly meme about it. 


#1 —24/7
There couldn’t be a more perfect sound for agents. 

#2— Not A Crime
Ever do something in real estate that feels illegal but technically isn’t?

#3—  Since You Know Everything
Ever had to hear a brutally honest truth in real estate? This sound is a great way to make light of it. 

#4— I Don’t Care
What’s something you hear way too often in this business?

#5— We Got What You Looking For
This trend is pretty straightforward and has been used thousands of times by users to flex a random fact or skill about themselves. I could see any team or agent using this to highlight something they are really good at. 

#6— Dumb Ways To Die
This sound could be great to warn agents and colleagues about LETHAL real estate mistakes to avoid.

#7— Two Hit Wonder

Sometimes, doing the bare minimum feels like a win. 

But seriously, this sound could be used when you sign two listings back-to-back or for a habit-building accomplishment—like starting your morning with the Hot Sheet two mornings in a row.