Today’s episode of The Walk Thru begins with the question of what really works on Facebook right now, according to Social Media Today and our guest moderators.

Lindsey Jo and Dustin Brohm, aka The Massive Agent, join The Broke Agent and Captain Dan Oneil to shed some light on the type of content getting the most engagement on Facebook—and how that compares to other platforms. 

That leads to the next topic: a new BAM article, written by our resident marketing genius, The Broke Agent, on March content ideas for agents. 

Next up is an Inman article on what agents should be doing when they’re low on clients, followed by the fate of mid-sized “We’re like family” real estate teams

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0003:53 Intro

03:53 Topic #1: Top content trends on Facebook

05:28 The Broke Agent’s take and what agents should be posting on FB

11:02 Uploading Facebook Reels organically 

13:51 Topic #2: March content ideas

25:30 Topic #3: What agents should be doing when they’re low on clients

34:22 Topic #4: “The Family Team Doesn’t Work as a Real Estate Team…”

36:13 Dustin’s take on the article & emphasis on team culture

37:15 Lindsey’s take & emphasis on accountability

41:08 Approaching recruits as you approach listings

48:49 50/50 partnerships (without strict delegations)

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