Sure, it’s an attention-grabbing title. But it’s also a question we’re seriously wondering. 

BAM entered the real estate media scene a little year ago—and like the new kid at recess—we’re feeling seriously left out. 

Most of you probably have no idea what we’re talking about, so at the risk of sounding petty (which, we kind of are—just a little), we’ll break it down for you.

Conveniently Missing

This week, Inman shared this Instagram post, asking its audience:

“What do you think about the real estate news industry?”

The post asks people to share their thoughts on the real estate news survey by taking part in a quick survey. And as a member of the real estate news industry, we were curious. 

The Broke Agent recently shared a few of the questions on the survey:

For each question, the survey offers the following options for respondents to select:

Impressive list, right? 

And it makes sense. These are all reputable news sources in the industry, ones that we respect and have referenced at some point, whether in articles or podcasts. 

But of course, we couldn’t help but notice one glaring omission from the list—yours truly. 

And we have to question, shouldn’t a comprehensive survey include every player in the game?

Intentional or Oversight?

We’ll never know whether it was an intentional omission, an oversight, or just a cosmic mix-up. But, some of the questions did rile us up more than others. Like, for instance:

“Covers topics in a way that others don’t” 

Inman ignoring BAM

This is basically why we entered the real estate industry news space. Because we know how people look at and consume content—social media, podcasts, and consumable formats. 

So while many others in the industry focus on long-form articles, we’re working to break the mold by sharing content in a variety of ways, each of which are relatable, educational and entertaining.

“Has fun content”

BAM real estate news

Actually, I get why we’re not listed here. BAM content is almost never fun. (Note the sarcasm, please.)

The survey also asks whether respondents would be interested in a daily podcast:

BAM real estate news

BAM’s got plenty of podcasts, one of which even won the Inman Innovator Award last year. (Not surprisingly, no BAM podcasts made the nomination list this year.) 

We’ve got shows on our BAM YouTube channel, Continuing Ed channel, Knowledge Brokers, Massive Agent and House of Agents channels.

Plus BAM offers what is currently the only daily real estate news show on the internet: The Hot Sheet. We know we won’t be the only one forever, but we’ll always be the first.

So, Why the BAM Snub?

Alright, Inman, we’ll give you a chance to explain yourself. Did you accidentally delete BAM from the list? Did our content get lost in the digital universe? Or, dare we say it, did you intentionally leave BAM off the survey?

We get being left off a survey is not the end of the world. But, we can’t help but wonder why BAM isn’t part of the real estate news conversation (according to Inman). 

We’ll keep doing what we do best—mixing knowledge with humor and a hint of absurdity—while we forge ahead to change the real estate news industry. 

Because, let’s face it, BAM is just getting started.