How well do you know the neighborhoods in your local market? 

There’s a game that will put that to the test. For some, it could be the wake-up call they need to get more familiar with their chosen market. Others might be surprised by how much they’ve learned about their area. 

BAM Creator Jason Cassity gave a shoutout to fellow real estate pros Matt Leighton and Diane Schline when he put a game called GeoGuessr to the test in a recent Instagram Reel. 

GeoGuessr: More than just a game

The Broke Agent reached out to Jason Cassity to learn more about how he’d filmed the Reel:

  1. Sign up for GeoGuessr.
  2. Make a custom map of your market (to do so, you need to upgrade to Pro for $1.39/month).
  3. Screen record your computer while playing the game.
  4. Use your phone as the second angle on your face.
  5. Edit in Final Cut Pro or another editing software.

The game can be played on desktop or with the app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Geoguessr is a geography game that virtually drops you somewhere on the planet in a street view panorama. Your mission is to find clues in your surroundings and guess your location on the world map. 

Matt Leighton was one of the agents whose Reel showcasing his knowledge of Northern Virginia neighborhoods inspired Jason to create one of his own for the San Diego area. 

Diane Schline did the same, thanking Matt in the caption of her Reel and asking, “How well do you know Northern VA?” 

Curious yet? Take Geoguessr for a spin and see how well you recognize different street-level scenes in your local market. And feel free to share a short segment of the game in a Reel of your own. 

Why would you do that? 

  • Show your audience how well you know the street corners and other spots in your local market. If you walk the same streets and pick up the same clues, you instantly stand out. 
  • Show them you enjoy games that challenge you and help you improve your knowledge of the area you call home. 
  • Show them you’re a good sport, able to laugh at yourself if you make a mistake and to give props to those who play the game and get higher scores for your area. 
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