For agents, short-form videos are vital for growing your audience. So whether you’re publishing Instagram Reels, Facebook clips, or YouTube Shorts, it’s important to keep your audience’s attention by providing them with concise and informative content that provides value.

Thanks to an update from Facebook, you can now create clips from Creator Studio immediately after recording a Facebook Live. This can help agents easily make short-form videos from a longer, live session without hiring a videographer.

Start by hosting a Facebook Live on a topic designed to add value for consumers in your market. You can host:

  • A live Q&A for first-time buyers 
  • A deep dive into your community’s market updates, or
  • Info on how to sell in today’s market.

Advertise your topic before going live, and send the information to your leads, so people can watch in real-time if it works for their schedule. 

From there, start clipping for additional content for all your platforms. Here’s a guide on how to create engaging short-form clips from Facebook Live.

Clipping Previously Recorded Content

After recording a Facebook Live, you can return to the recorded content and select perfect clips for short-form content. 

To create a clip from a previous Live Video:

  1. Go to Creator Studio.
  2. Click “Published > Live Videos.”
  3. Click on the video you would like to clip.
  4. Click “Edit Post.”
  5. Click “Create a Clip From Your Video.” Create your clip using the timestamps OR by sliding the yellow bar under the video to the desired start and end points.
  6. Click “Create a clip.”
  7. A thumbnail of your clip will appear under “Clip Library.”
  8. Select the pencil icon and add a title to your clip.
  9. Click “Save.”

After saving your clip, you can download and post across platforms by going to the clips library and selecting clips in Creator Studio.

Clipping a Live Broadcast

If you aim to be more efficient, you can create clips from your Live video during a broadcast in Live Producer. However, keep in mind that clips can only be made from the last 60 seconds of your Live broadcast. 

  1. Create a live broadcast in Live Producer.
  2. In the Live Producer Dashboard, go to “Distribution > Clipping.”
  3. After 5 seconds of your Live, the “Create a new clip button” appears. The minimum clip length is 5 seconds.
  4. Add a title.
  5. Click “Create a new clip.” New clips will appear in the section labeled “Clips from your live video.” You’ll receive a notification when clips are fully processed and ready to be shared.
  6. Click “Publish” to share your clips to your Timeline or your Page.

Don’t worry if your clip isn’t perfect—you can make any necessary edits to your clips in the Creator Studio.

With tools like this making short-form content easier to produce, you’ll be able to build your brand while providing value to your audience.