One thing I’ve learned as an agent, and which I’ve talked about on social media, is the importance of having TLC: 

  • Trustability
  • Likeability 
  • Credibility

Many agents make the mistake of thinking, Well, people like me, so, of course, they’ll want to work with me,” or “Everyone knows I’m killing it as a real estate agent, even if I’m not as warm or as funny as some of the other agents I know. Being credible and trustworthy is enough.” 

Sure, maybe you can get by with just one or two. But if you want your business to reach its fullest potential, cultivate all three. 

What do you need to work on first?

Every agent has specific areas to work on when it comes to TLC. 

You may have a well-known track record with a long history of brag-worthy sales – but conversations with clients are brisk and all business, with zero warmth. 

Perhaps you are plenty likable but find your prospects don’t seem to trust you. Relationships with clients are congenial but superficial. 

Or maybe you’re like me and you get the strong sense people like you and want you to succeed, but they don’t see you as a competent professional. 

Whatever your problem areas (and we all have them), you can do something – starting today – to improve your TLC. I’ve found there are three key things you can do to level up in each area. 

3 Ways to Build Trust

If trustability is something you’d like to work on, focus on these top three agent tactics: 

#1 – Align yourself with the right people. 

Working as part of a team that has a good reputation can give you instant trustability as a real estate agent. Link your name with a trusted brand, and just like that, people see you as a legit professional worthy of their confidence. 

As an independent agent, it’s tougher but not impossible to build trust. One idea is to look for opportunities to serve your community with trusted agents or real estate groups in your area.

#2 – Share client testimonials. 

If other clients have trusted you with the sale or purchase of their home, other prospective clients are more likely to do the same. 

Positive client testimonials deserve a place on your social media feed. If the client has their own business to promote, you can even include a mention in your post description. Let satisfied clients tell your prospects how glad they are to have trusted you with their business. And show prospects you’re willing to give them a professional boost, too, if you can. 

#3 – Make time for networking.

Networking is one of those constants, which is why I’ve put it on all three to-do lists. Networking builds your trustability by giving prospective clients a chance to meet you face-to-face and get a sense of whether they can trust you. It’s easier to trust someone you’ve talked to in person and developed a rapport with. Otherwise, you may be just one of many agents they’ve only had contact with online or over the phone. 

3 Ways to Build Likability

You could be the most hard-working and knowledgeable agent in your area, but if people don’t feel comfortable around you – or they find you difficult to talk to – you could be missing out on listing opportunities. 

Here are three things you can do to address that.  

#1 – Do things that allow your personality to shine. 

For example, you could sponsor a local event that you enjoy. If you genuinely like what you’re doing, you show your personality at its best, and people notice that. 

Don’t sign up for something just to earn sociability points if you’d rather not do it – like a “fun run” when you actually hate running. If you’re miserable, you’re likely to be irritable, too. And that’ll quickly undo any advantage to your being there. 

#2 – Share casual content that showcases your personality. 

Share a variety of content on social media – including casual content that shows people the real person behind the job. 

  • Who are you when you’re not working? 
  • What do you love to do with your free time? 
  • What experiences have you had lately that you’ve enjoyed?
  • What have you learned recently that others might find interesting or relatable?
  • What do you love about living in your city/area?  

You can dress casually for these posts. This isn’t about work; it’s just you sharing part of your real, behind-the-scenes life with the people who follow you. 

A minor caveat: Avoid using your branded social media accounts as a platform for polarizing political views. Your real estate Instagram is not the best place for a spirited political debate. 

#3 – Make time for networking.

Networking builds likability by giving prospective clients and their associates a chance to get a sense of your personality. That said, showing up to a networking event just to be seen isn’t enough. 

Set a challenge for yourself, and go with a game face. Make it your goal to have a minimum number of conversations before leaving. These conversations don’t even have to lead to business relationships. Focus on connecting and showing genuine interest in the other person by being authentic. 

3 Ways to Build Credibility

If, like me, credibility is the area that needs attention, start with these top three to-dos. 

#1 – Shout all your successes from the mountaintops. 

Part of your professional feed should showcase proof of your success as a real estate agent. When you get a listing or help a client close on a transaction, share the good news with your social media followers. Or, if you haven’t sold anything yet, show that you’re out there doing the work and helping prospective clients or fellow agents in some way. 

#2 – Apply for awards. 

Put your name in the running for awards that build your credibility. And don’t hesitate to ask friends for nominations. Awards help you stand out in a positive way and give prospects more of a reason to reach out to you when they’re ready to buy or sell. 

Think what a difference it could make to be recognized as the top-performing realtor in your area. 

#3 – Make time for networking.

Networking builds credibility because real estate agents who know the business know how important networking is, and they make it a priority. You also get a chance to communicate face-to-face, whether you’re talking about your record as an agent, swapping personal stories, or helping a prospect make sense of the current economic environment. 

Final Thoughts 

You didn’t go into real estate to be a “secret agent.” You know you need to let people see that you’re working, learning, and connecting with others. And people want to like, trust, and believe in the agent they hire to buy or sell a house. 

Ultimately, you’re putting yourself out there to help people find their next home or sell their current one. And a mindset that prioritizes TLC, combined with authenticity, is the key to making more of those successes happen. 

If you have any questions, you can reach me on Instagram and YouTube as well as on my website