In 2023, it will be more important than ever to spend time on the things only you can do to make your business grow—and to delegate the rest.

But if you’ve never hired an assistant before, the task can be daunting. Where do you start? How do you find the right people? What tasks do you give them? 

BAM’s upcoming webinar will cover all these questions—and more. Tune in as Byron Lazine, Nichole Cambal and Charm Casuga dive into how working with a virtual assistant can change your business for the better.

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Hiring Your VA for 2023

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

3:00 pm EST

Invest in Your Business

In order to see massive growth, you need to be willing to take massive action. Hiring a virtual assistant for the first time can feel like a scary step financially. But when you are prepared and organized, your new hire enables you to spend more time on the money-making activities of your business. 

What You’ll Get From This Webinar

During this exclusive BAM webinar, Byron helps you understand how hiring a VA can be exponentially valuable and incredibly seamless. You will also hear from two VAs on what the process is like for them and the success they have seen for their clients. 

Get hands-on knowledge to help you feel more comfortable making this next hire and growing your business in 2023.

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Hiring Your VA for 2023: BAM Webinar

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