In today’s episode of the Knowledge Brokers Podcast, Byron Lazine and Tom Toole start with the minutes from the latest FOMC meeting and what they see as the most likely move by the Federal Reserve at their March meeting. 

From there, they discussed housing market data, with rising mortgage rates, falling inventory, and what the data shows to be the best quarter of 2023 for sellers vs. the best quarter for home buyers. 

They also expanded on why it’s important to always present housing market data with honesty and clarity to build trust and help your clients make the best decisions for them. 

Next up was Redfin’s latest report on the housing market’s loss of $2.3 trillion in home values, followed by Fannie Mae’s revised forecast for 2023

The conversation wrapped up with the best business plan for real estate agents in 2023, along with the best way to make sure you’ll have the time and energy to carry it out. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:52 Intro

00:52 FOMC meeting minutes

02:55 A bumpy road for the housing market–with downward pressure on home prices

08:34 The data suggests the best time to be a home seller is Q1

09:02 The data also suggests Q4 as the best time to be a home buyer

18:41 A script every agent should use and why

21:51 No one ever moves to time the market. 

23:38 Redfin’s report on home value loss of $2.3 trillion

27:04 Fannie Mae revised forecast for 2023

29:09 Best business plan for 2023: Spend 80% of your time having conversations 

32:15 How do you do this: Hire a virtual assistant!

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