It’s been a week since Threads burst onto the social media scene, and the buzz of a new app is still in the air. Early adopters of Threads seem to fall into two categories:

  1. Those who immediately took a liking to it, effortlessly igniting conversations left and right.
  2. Those who find themselves staring at the screen, thinking, I downloaded the app, but I don’t know what to post!”

The great thing about this new app (aside from a built-in following from Instagram) is that, right now, there are no rules. 

No algorithms. 

No best practices. 

Consider Threads a blank canvas—a place to get creative and show a different side of yourself. 

Seriously, though. Feel free to mix things up on Threads. You can deliver a hilarious comment one moment and share a piece of your personal life the next. Add in some insightful industry news or entertain followers with a video of you playing basketball against your dog. Yes, all these ideas all come from The Broke Agent’s page, because we can’t get enough of his content. And all that variety? It shows the human side of his infamous meme page. 

But if you’re feeling a bit stuck or in need of some inspiration, keep on scrolling. We’re sharing some real estate Threads we’ve found entertaining, engaging, valuable, or just oddly satisfying over the past week. 

Funny and Entertaining Threads

Because who doesn’t like to laugh?

If you are typically all business on your other social media platforms, Threads could be a fun place to show your humorous side. And no, this doesn’t mean you have to go all out with memes or skits. A witty line or smart observation is just as effective on Threads. 

Source: @djandlindsey 

Housing Market and Industry News

For all you data enthusiasts and industry news junkies, Threads is your platform to share valuable housing market insights and industry trends in bite-sized packages. Share an eye-catching chart, market stats, or a captivating image and pair them with concise information relevant to your market. 

Or, you can ask your audience what they think the local market is like—and then once you’ve got a conversation going, dive in with relevant facts or information. 


Stories and Observational Threads

Threads offers the perfect opportunity to share stories and observations that give your audience a glimpse into your day-to-day experiences.

Whether it’s a funny anecdote from a showing, a heartwarming story about your clients, or a series of Threads updating people on your progress, these posts make great conversation starters. Anything goes here—so have some fun with it!

Source: @meeterica

Source: @garyvee

Agent Tactics and Personal Development

Plenty of people are already having conversations on Threads surrounding the real estate business. So whether you share tactics or tips of your own, or jump into the comments of others, Threads can serve as a valuable platform for agent strategies and personal development. 

Source: @jimmymackin

Source: @tomferry

Source: @nowbam

Source: @tomtoole3rd

Final Thoughts

Threads is not about aesthetics—it’s about volume. Instead of fixating on creating the perfect post, experiment with multiple content ideas throughout the day. By doing so, you’ll naturally find what resonates with your audience, and it could even help you determine how you want to differentiate your presence on every social platform. Because like @justin.konikow said, you want to give people a reason to follow you on all your active accounts.