On episode #10 of Between Two Lock Boxes, Dan Oneil sits down with his close friend – top Long Island investor and the first ever to privately develop a 3D-printed house – Charles Weinraub, aka “The Handsome Homebuyer.”

Watch the full episode to see why The Handsome Homebuyer storms off at the end!

During their seven minute conversation, they cover… 

  • Charles’s advice for reaching 100K TikTok followers
  • How he prices a 3D-printed house
  • The advantages of living in a 3D-printed house
  • Whether someone with a Master’s degree in real estate knows what real estate means, how many square feet are in an acre, the number of townships on Long Island, and the definition of the term “absorption rate”
  • Charles’ opinion on male strippers
  • His prediction for the next twelve months (as someone who flips over 100 homes a year)
  • His advice to agents approaching their first ever declining market
  • What he would say to anyone in the audience who doesn’t think he’s handsome

Watch the full episode for more. 

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