On this week’s episode of Between Two Lock Boxes, Dan Oneil sits down with the famous, top-producing team of total guy’s guys, Robert Mack and Ryan McMillian from the Robert Mack Group.

In their 10 minutes together, they discuss…

  • Both agents’ take on the real estate market
  • Ryan’s all-black tracksuit
  • “Would you rather” be ten minutes late or an hour early for every showing?
  • Ryan’s content strategy
  • When Robert decided to hire Ryan as his full-time assistant
  • What Robert and Ryan would be doing if they were not in real estate
  • Robert’s life-threatening plans for his bucket list trips every four months
  • The specific talent each agent would display at a Tom Ferry conference
  • Why agents on their team need thick skin
  • F**k, marry, kill: Dan Oneil, Eric Simon, or Tom Ferry

Watch the full episode here.

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