So, you’re settling in with a bowl of popcorn (or whatever) to watch another holiday movie—quite possibly one you’ve seen several times by now. 

Ever been curious about the house the main characters live in?

  • What it costs 
  • Whether it’s on the market
  • Whether it’s available to rent on Airbnb

While the interior views for some of these are different from what you might remember from the movies (most of those interiors were built in studio, anyway), they still make for an interesting tour. 

Read on to enjoy—and dream a little. 

#1—Home Alone

This stunning McCallister family home at 671 Lincoln Avenue in Winnetka, Illinois, has an estimated home value of $2,341,700. 

With an estimated monthly payment of $18,014, this home would be unaffordable for the average Winnetka resident, despite the median household income of $250,100. 


#2—A Christmas Story

While the movie was based in Indiana, the actual house in A Christmas Story was located at 3159 West 11th Street in Cleveland, Ohio, where the median household income is $37,351. 

At the time this article was written, this house did not have a current Zestimate, but its value was assessed at $188,800 in 2022, with a rent Zestimate of $1,285 a month. But considering 30% of the median household monthly income ($3,113) would be $934, a monthly payment over $1K makes this home unaffordable. 


#3—It’s a Wonderful Life

The house used as the George Bailey residence in It’s a Wonderful Life is a modest-looking three-bedroom, three-bathroom home at 4587 Viro Road in La Cañada Flintridge, CA

And while Flintridge residents have a higher-than-average household income of $210,625 (according to Census Bureau data), this home’s estimated value of $2,095,400 puts the monthly payment over $6,000, making it unaffordable. 


Source: Zillow

#4—The Family Stone

The Stone family home at 144 Riverside Avenue in Riverside, CT has an off-market Zestimate of $4,600,200, with a rent Zestimate of $22,312 a month. 

With its estimated monthly payment of over $30K a month, this home would be considered unaffordable to Riverside residents, even with the higher–than–average median household income of $250,000 (roughly $21K per month). 

The Family-Stone-house

#5—National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

The Griswold home at 727 West Kenneth Road in Glendale, CA, has an estimated home value of $3,128,300. 

Other estimates put the purchase price at $4.7 million, with an estimated monthly payment of $33,678, which is a bit beyond the average homebuyer’s budget, with or without the 25,000 twinkle lights. 


#6—Miracle on 34th Street

Long Island homes like Susan’s dreamhouse at 24 Derby Road in Port Washington, New York—the one in the picture she showed Santa—list for about $1 million and are barely affordable for local residents. 


#7—The Holiday

The most expensive home on this list was featured in the 2006 Christmas rom-com, The Holiday, with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, whose characters, Iris and Amanda, swap houses to get a much-needed break from their disappointing situationships. 

While Iris’s adorable Cotswold cottage doesn’t actually exist, it’s modeled on one that does: Honeysuckle Cottage in Holmsbury, St. Mary, purchased for £625,000 in 2019 by Jon and Cressida Bromley. At some point, they rented it out as an Airbnb, but the listing is no longer available. 


Then there’s Amanda’s palatial home at 1883 Orlando Road in San Marino, California, which last sold in 2019 for $9,500,000 and now has an estimated value of $10,703,200 and a rent Zestimate of $42,033 a month. 


Source: Zillow