This week’s BAMmer of the week goes to Sterling Granger AKA @realestatecreative. I mean it when I say he is lowkey one of the best content creators in real estate, if not THE best. He’s been secretly feeding me memes for years and has created some of my most popular videos. All of the Live Action Memes are from him and they probably took a few hours each. Take a look at some of these works of art.

The Infamous Disney Proposal 

The Old School Meme

The eXp Matrix

The Hole in One

And my absolute favorite…

Recently, Sterling has finally taken his talents to his own page with a ton of unique and creative content for his real estate business.

Checkout this video on why he names all of his listings: 

And his new series, “Rating Reelters,” where he rates realtors from the movies, starting with Derek Huff from Step Brothers. This is such a good idea I can’t wait for the rest of this series. 

Also, actual real estate content is top notch. Look at the way he breaks down the Camarillo market with this clever Reel.

Sterling truly is his name, “Real Estate Creative.” He’s one of the most talented agents with video that I know and he deserves a billion followers. Everyone go check him out. He’s also just an overall good guy and he just had a son. So, congratulations to him!

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