This week’s Bammer of the Week goes to Justin Valmer. He was HIGHLY requested in the comments of the last Bammer IG post, so he already has a loyal following!

Justin is a realtor in Downey, California and is one of the most interesting follows on real estate Instagram. His content is a mix of memes, original Reels, impressions, songs, and (occasionally) actual real estate content about his business. A lot of it is actually insane.

Love this original take on a FSBO translation. Very original.

A unique take on the dad at inspection joke.

An original Reel on what real estate would look like in the future.

A semi-funny take on shapes.

A strange, but timely Johnny Depp impression.

A collabed skit with Shawn King on Cold Calling in Canada vs. California.

As you can see Justin’s variety is unparalleled. Go to his account and look at his feed, there aren’t two posts that look the same. It’s refreshing to see on Instagram where it seems like everyone is trying to create the exact same Reel + Text style. If you’re looking to laugh, feel a little weird, and get surprised on a daily basis definitely check out Justin’s account. Let’s get him to 10,000 followers!

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