This episode of The Massive Agent Podcast is a short and sweet message about what it means to cut the line and how so many agents and content creators are trying to do just that. 

We’re diving into this concept because a lot of you—myself included in certain situations—have totally jacked-up expectations about how fast results should happen.

And it’s time to squash those right now, reset our expectations, and get on a firm path toward success.

So, let’s start with a question: Are you expecting results in an unrealistic period of time? In some ways, we all are. So, let’s talk about that. 

I’m doing this podcast because I want to dive deeper into a video I recently posted on Instagram (and TikTok and YouTube Shorts) about cutting the line and the entitlement and disrespect that comes with this thinking.

We all do it with certain things. But I see it the most in a few different places with content creators and how long it’s supposed to take before you get success or start to see some results. 

It doesn’t make sense to expect the same results others are getting when you haven’t done the work they’ve done—or worked as long as they have—to get to where they are. That’s what I mean by “cutting the line.” 

Keep doing the work, and let the big results happen when they happen.

Listen to the podcast above or click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0008:04 Intro

08:04 What do I mean by “cutting the line”?

10:07 Choosing the wrong topics for your audience

10:42 Creating better hooks

12:17 Focus on doing the daily activities

13:01 How content creators set themselves up for failure

14:08 Stick to the basics with social media (No skipping steps) 

16:41 Why I don’t say yes to every request to be on this podcast

19:16 You’ve got to do the work to get on my radar

20:50 What guests on this podcast have in common

22:00 What it means—and what it doesn’t mean—when I say no

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