When I first got my real estate license nobody told me what I should bring to open houses. In fact, nobody told me what I should do, ever. So, when my team first put me on dead open houses, all I brought the first couple times was a sign-in sheet and my business cards. Rookie mistake. Not having the right stuff with me turned three hours into what felt like ten. Learn from my pain. If you’re new to the business or just need a refresher, this blog is going to breakdown everything you should bring to your open house to make your life more comfortable.

1. Chargers

I remember taking 15 minute breaks in between Tinder swipes at my first opens trying to conserve battery for the last hour. Make sure you bring a charger for your phone, laptop or tablet.

2. Computer/Tablet

Having people sign-in with a pen and sheet at this point is psychotic. Nobody has good handwriting and all your guests will purposefully misspell or leave out parts of their contact info so they don’t start getting calls from YOU.

So, use an open house app on your phone or tablet to log people’s info so you can actually follow up with them. Also, having your laptop is clutch during the luls to do some work or watch some football.

3. Water

If you’re sitting an open house on Saturday, Sunday, or any day for that matter you’re probably hungover… and there’s nothing worse than being parched and dehydrated when you’re trying to talk to strangers. I advise always keeping a case of water bottles in your car so you try to morph back into a functional human being.

4. Snack

I feel like I’m writing a “what to bring” list for kindergartners. But, it’s clutch to have a Clif Bar or something on you so you’re not ravenous and hangry. Gotta keep your mind sharp for your performance. Once I Postmated In-N-Out to my open and when I ran outside to get it, my boss was pulling up to check on “how things were doing.” Don’t do this. Just bring your own snack.

5. Mouthwash/Floss/Mints/Gum

You want food in your teeth from your snack? NO! Also, bad breath is the most disgusting thing on Earth. If someone has bad breath you remember that forever. Your goal is to make a great first impression and you don’t want that impression to be halitosis. I recommend Listerine strips.

They’re old school but they take no effort and keep your mouth minty for an hour. I always have Listies on me. In fact, I have some in my pocket right now.

6. Mace

It’s not safe being an agent. There are a lot of creeps and criminals out there. Stay safe and have something on you to stay protected. Get yourself some pocket mace or a grenade.

7. Toilet Paper/Baby Wipes

This should actually be number one. You ever sit a vacant open with no TP? Pure panic mode. The fact that there is no toilet paper will make you have to move your bowels. Always have a couple rolls in your trunk and even better, have a couple packs of Baby Wipes as well. They are clutch to have for your ass and also for general cleaning.

8. Candle

Have something to cover up potential smells. Candles are also great for giving you massive anxiety, thinking you left it burning once you get home.

9. Tape Measurer

Some jackass is definitely going to wonder if his Peleton will fit next to his California King. Always good to have a tape measurer on you any day in real estate.

10. Something unique

Have some sort of branding you can leave them with. Ben Fisher gives all his open house guests a deck of cards that have all of his sold listings on it. It’s cool to leave your guests with something to remember you by.

And don’t forget to set the mood…