On this episode of Between Two Lock Boxes, Dan Oneil sits down with J.B. Andreassi – celebrity real estate broker and star of Netflix and Discovery Plus’s Selling the Hamptons – who’s probably the only person who went to Dartmouth and became a real estate agent.

Over their 10 minute conversation, they discuss…

  • How J.B. ended up in real estate – and on Selling the Hamptons
  • The positive aspects of (and hardest part about) starring in a reality show
  • How he manages client calls during filming of the show
  • Spicy reviews for Selling the Hamptons
  • One thing he would change about the show
  • How careful J.B. has to be with his social media presence (balancing personality and professional brand)
  • His craziest real estate story
  • When the new season will drop – and what viewers can expect

Watch the full episode for more – including whose golf game is superior.  

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