Maybe you’ve already completed your 2023 business plan. Maybe it just needs some finishing touches. 

But if you’ve been completely putting it off, it’s time to get moving. Instead of getting completely lost in the holidays, think of all you can accomplish over the next month. Shake off that turkey slumber, bring your mindset back to your business, and sit yourself down to create a plan for your best year yet. 

We’ve compiled some business planning tips from BAM contributors and industry experts, so you can craft a plan that will elevate your business—even if it’s a slowing market. 

Determine what worked—and what didn’t—in 2022

Before you dive in to write your plan, take a moment to reflect on your business in 2022. What worked? What didn’t? 

Tom Ferry did this exercise with six team leaders, who have 3,700 transactions combined this year. And they know that in order to beat those numbers in 2023, they’ll need to strategize. 

Here are four basics when it comes to writing your business plan:

  1. Set specific and measurable goals tied to math.
  2. Write your plan, declare it to others, and keep it visual all year long. 
  3. Remember that it’s a changing document. 
  4. Determine the three key activities that will drive your goal. 

Three Things to Keep in Mind when Creating a Plan

Lisa Chinatti didn’t build the #1 team in Massachusetts on luck. So when she shares business planning tips, it’s best to take note.

Here are three things to keep in mind when creating your business plan:

  1. Chunk your plan down.
  2. Have Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C. If you aren’t seeing results in the first part of the year, know what you will change. 
  3. Determine how your business ties into your personal life.

Visualize Your Goals

Now that your plan is written down, take the time to see your goals coming to fruition.

Handsome Homebuyer speaks to the importance of visualization when planning and setting goals—even if it’s for something 50 years in the future.  

Visualize your goals daily and watch them happen. 

Be Prepared to Execute

How many times have you crafted the perfect plan and then let it collect dust? If you want to expand your business in 2023, planning and visualizing aren’t enough. 

You must execute. 

Ray Ellen knows the importance of following through to the finish line.

If you have a habit of leaving projects unfinished, a good coach will hold you accountable and force you to take responsibility for your success.