When you’re brainstorming content for social media, it’s worth taking a moment to ask yourself, 

“Am I posting for awareness or conversion?” 

I can hear you asking, “Can’t it be both?” And it can. But, generally speaking, each social media post will lean more heavily in one of those directions: 

  • Awareness content involves posts that educate your audience, build your brand’s authority, and nurture relationships over time. Examples could be sharing market statistics or home improvement tips. 
  • Conversion content, on the other hand, has the direct aim of getting your audience to take action or to contact you about something. Examples could include highlighting specific properties or offering a personalized market report

Awareness is about building trust with potential clients, while conversion is about giving your ideal client a specific reason to contact you—giving you an opportunity to deliver value in a way that makes you stand out. 

If you’re reading this, you’re looking for some ideas for one or both of these types of social media posts. And since I’m all about helping you reach your content goals for this year, I’ve got you covered on both fronts. 

Awareness Content Ideas

Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client and ask yourself what kind of information would be most interesting or most helpful to them. Aim to add value in a way that also makes your content more enjoyable for them to watch—so they’ll watch more of it. 

And, hopefully, they’ll follow you because they want to see what you create next. 

If your goal is to educate your audience, share value, and build brand authority, make these content ideas your own: 

  1. Share a housing market update and how it affects potential buyers and sellers.
  2. My story: What I did before real estate and how it impacts my business today. 
  3. My favorite apps & tools for [topic: homeownership, business, etc.]
  4. A day in the life of a real estate agent
  5. One thing I always tell my first-time homebuyer clients…
  6. This simple switch helped an expired listing sell in just two days.
  7. Local events in [Your City] this weekend
  8. # things I love about [Your City] — and # thing/s to watch out for
  9. Film yourself typing up an offer in your car and go through a list of things buyers need to be aware of to improve their chances of getting an offer accepted. 
  10. Put together a client’s closing gift basket and giving your audience a peek into what it’s like to be your client. 

Conversion Content Ideas

Ultimately, you want to meet more of your ideal clients—ideally, in person. Your content should make it easier for them to connect with you online. Once you’ve established that connection, they’re far more likely to want to meet you face-to-face. 

If your goal is to generate leads, start conversations, and set up more appointments, focus on these post ideas: 

  1. Share an interesting market statistic and ask your audience if they want a custom, up-to-date market report for their home. 
  2. Spotlight neighborhoods on a weekly basis and ask your audience if they want a list of homes for sale at the end of each. 
  3. Preview hot new listings on a weekly basis and use stories to give your audience a tour of each.
  4. Preview a property “coming soon” and ask your audience if they want to learn more about it before it hits the market. 
  5. Offer to set up your followers with an automated search that will alert them to new listings that meet their criteria.
  6. Post a new listing and invite your audience to guess the price, based on the details you provide. You can even offer a prize to the one whose guess comes the closest. 
  7. Talk about a free resource you provide (like a buyer or seller guide) and offer to send it to anyone in your audience who comments with a specific word (like “Freebie”).
  8. Host a homeowner Q&A session and invite your audience to sign up so they can ask questions on homeownership, property values, and real estate trends. 
  9. Show how you helped (or could help) a seller bring in higher offers by creating a personalized list of cost-effective home preparation or staging tips and offer your audience a no-strings appointment so you can do the same for them. 

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