By now, everyone knows that it’s crucial to be visible on every platform, but when it comes to TikTok, it feels impossible to know what content will perform well. Every week, we’ll be giving you a list of viral TikTok sounds to use to increase your visibility and chances of going viral. 

Here’s what’s trending this week:

#1— Panic Attack

As agents, we deal with panic-inducing scenarios all the time.

#2—Someone Cooked Here

Funny sound to utilize when things aren’t the way you left them—or when clients seem to know a little too much about real estate.

#3— Laugh When People Cry

Great sound to poke fun at people who shouldn’t be in this industry.

@survivorisms ma’am its not that deep that I don’t know who my doctor in 2007 was #survivor #survivortiktok #survivorgabon #survivor17 @Survivor @Corinne Kaplan #thetribehasspoken #jeffprobst #corinnekaplan ♬ original sound - survivorisms