BAM Key Details:

  • T3 released its Tech 200 for 2023—the industry’s best-in-class tech products designed to help real estate professionals streamline their businesses. 
  • This year’s Tech 200 features 199 products from 78 companies.

Tech tools for real estate professionals are endless—tools that can help you streamline your business from initial contact with a new lead to closing day (and everything in between). 

While tools are critical time-savers, finding the right tools for your business can turn into a never-ending task that tears your focus away from more important tasks. 

Luckily, T3 compiles the best tech tools for real estate agents, brokers and teams, broken down into six sections: 

The goal of the Tech 200 is to provide unbiased, vetted information on leading products that brokers and agents use as they make key software decisions for their businesses. By selecting the best five products per category and evaluating end-to-end solutions, this is the most comprehensive and useful technology list available in the industry.

Travis Saxton

T3 Sixty’s Executive Vice President of Technology

So, to help you narrow down your search, here are the best tech tools for 2023, according to T3 Tech 200

Top of the Funnel

Top of the funnel tech products are used to generate initial consumer contacts—a must for any agent working to gain new business. Top of the funnel tech tools make up the majority of the list with 5 categories and 18 subcategories, as outlined below. 

Content Marketing 

The following tools help industry pros attract, engage, and retain clients by creating and sharing relevant content.

Housing Market Reports

Neighborhood Information

Social Marketing

Digital Advertising

These tools help agents and brokerages market their real estate services through online channels (with the exception of websites, which have their own category).

Digital Marketing

Video Marketing

Lead Generation

The products in this category help agents uncover leads and purchase leads from third parties.


Lead Routing and Management

Open House Lead Capture

Predictive Marketing

Sign Rider Lead

Website Lead Generation Platform

Property Advertising

Products in this category help facilitate marketing related to properties. 

Automated Digital Listing Advertising

Coming Soon and Private Inventory

Just Listed and Sold Print

Texting Platform

Website Solutions

Website solutions include company and agent websites, website features and SEO/SEM optimization tools.

Live Chat


Website Providers

Middle of the Funnel

There are 9 middle of the funnel categories, each of which includes tech products used to build relationships with prospects. 

Automated Consumer Engagement

Collaborative Home Search


Email Marketing

Listing Presentation

Marketing Center

Showing Solutions

Photography Solutions

Virtual Tours

Bottom of the Funnel

Next is bottom of the funnel tech products, which includes 6 categories for processing or facilitating transactions. 

Accounting System

Digital Payments

Relocation and Referral Management


Forms Solutions

Transaction Management Systems

Post Funnel

There are four categories of tech tools in the post funnel section, which are used to engage real estate consumers for repeat and referral business. 

Home Value Reports

Moving Systems

Relationship Marketing

Testimonial and Reviews

Business Systems

There are 5 categories in the business systems sector. Tech products in these categories are used to refine, forecast and optimize real estate businesses. 

Accessibility Solutions

Data Services

Intranet and SSO


Sales Pipeline


The following all-in-one platforms provide multiple levels of the tech landscape in one integrated system. 

For the complete Tech 200, including tech products on T3’s watch list, visit Real Estate Almanac 2023.