Are you investing in single-family real estate? 

If not, Ramon Casaus has three reasons why you, as a real estate agent, should get on that. 

#1—The housing shortage

For one, housing inventory is still historically low across the U.S. This is why, even when mortgage rates rose to 8% in October, home prices didn’t go into freefall. 

As Ramon points out in the Reel, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has estimated a national housing shortfall of about 5.5 million homes. And while housing starts have increased, the continuing shortfall is what keeps home prices trending up. 

Rising home prices mean real estate investors are more likely to turn a profit when they decide to sell. But if you’re investing in rental properties, you also benefit from rising rent prices in areas where rental demand exceeds supply. 

#2—If you’re an agent, this is the path of least resistance

As a real estate agent, helping people buy and sell homes is something you already do. This is the market you already study. And you know these assets the best. 

As Ramon puts it, “The best investment you can ever make is the one you don’t f**k up.”

Since you already have experience helping others make investments they can be proud of, you have an advantage over those who don’t. 

On the flipside, if you have less experience in this than you’d like to have—for your clients’ sake as well as your own—buying and managing your own rental properties can give you insight that will set you apart from real estate agents who don’t invest in real estate. 

#3—It’s simple and scalable

Ramon explains exactly why he believes any agent can invest in real estate for rental income. As investments go, it’s easy to get into—and to build on—as long as you run the numbers beforehand. 

There’s limited complexities. It’s a very easy concept to grasp. You buy the home. You put a tenant in the home. The cash flow is more than your total debt service. You make a net profit. You get to use it for tax benefits. It appreciates in value. And you get the cash flow every month.

Ramon Casaus

Being a real estate investor also makes you extra motivated to stay on top of any changes in the economy and housing market—local and national—that could impact the rental income and resale value of your investment properties. 

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May 2024 be your most profitable year yet!