1) BAM: Limitless Information and Insights, Zero Paywalls

BAM is your free source of industry news, business tactics & marketing insights delivered by the industry’s top producers and personalities on a variety of platforms: Along with news articles, is filled with actionable insights from industry experts and personalities. No paywalls blocking you. 

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BAM Podcasts (available on YouTube, Apple, Spotify, and other podcast channels. We’d love for you to leave a review wherever you listen!)

  • The Hot Sheet: The industry’s only live news show, airing Monday-Thursday, to give you the latest breakdown of housing market news. 
  • The Real Word: Byron Lazine and Nicole White break down the biggest rackets in real estate industry every Tuesday. 
  • The Walk Thru: Every Thursday, The Broke Agent, Dan Oneil and a rotating guest list share top marketing news and tactics in BAM’s marketing podcast for real estate agents.
  • Knowledge Brokers Podcast: Byron Lazine, Tom Toole and Lisa Chinatti do a deep dive every Friday covering the latest trends in business and sales, current events, economics, and real estate.
  • BAM Interviews: Interviews with the industry’s biggest change makers and thought leaders.
  • Massive Agent Podcast: Dustin Brohm, aka The Massive Agent, shares real estate and marketing tips to take your business to the next level. See why this podcast hit 1 million downloads.

2) BAMx: Content, Training & Community for Real Estate Agents

Everyone talks about what you should do. BAMx shows you. BAMx provides:

  • Courses to help you make lasting changes to your business—from the industry’s top producers and content creators
  • A members-only community where agents of change share what’s working, ask questions, network and collaborate
  • Members-only masterminds to go deeper on highly-requested content and topics

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3) BAMx in a Box: Done-for-you Templates and Scripts

The most requested feature from members is done-for-you editable templates and scripts. Enter the newest feature for BAMx members: BAMx in a Box

  • Every Friday, BAMx members receive:
    • 3 social media templates
    • 2 video scripts
    • 1 email script
    • 1 blog post

Simply add local market data, edit to your liking, and share with your database!

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