Everybody asks for the story of BAM Media, so here it is. I’ll tell you the story from my (The Broke Agent) perspective. 

Let me paint the picture for you.

Welcome to LA

In 2014, fresh off getting my real estate license, I joined a team as a “buyer’s agent” (aka an unpaid assistant). It was a dead-end role: dead open houses, cold calls, door knocking. My job was to convert expired listing packages into appointments and run around Los Angeles doing showings, inspections, or any task my team leaders threw at me. To summarize my emotions, I hated being a real estate agent and felt completely lost.

So, in 2015 I started venting on Twitter. Not as myself, but under the alias, “The Broke Agent,” where I could really share the inner monologue of a struggling agent. Turns out, a lot of you felt the same way. Those tweets evolved into memes, videos, skits, blogs, a podcast, and some of the most-followed and engaged social accounts in real estate. By 2019, The Broke Agent was becoming a household name in the industry as the go-to platform for real estate comedy.

Fast Forward to March 2020

I was six years into real estate sales and five years into running The Broke Agent. I was spending half my time trying to sell houses (more like 20%) and the other half trying to figure out what the hell to do with this brand. I knew at some point I would have to make the choice: Go all-in on being a real estate agent or turn The Broke Agent into something real.

Then, the pandemic hit and basically made that choice for me. I was locked in my apartment (remember, I live in LA) and now had the ultimate excuse to stop my feeble attempts at prospecting. Also, the entire world was glued to their phones, either making or consuming content. So, I directed all my focus into building my following, writing blogs, an email newsletter, podcasting, and finding different creators and personalities to do content with.

meanwhile, in connecticut

As I was (kind of unknowingly) building the foundation of a media company, Byron Lazine was actually running a media company and the number one real estate team in Connecticut. He had multiple podcasts, video editors, graphics designers, and more real estate knowledge than anyone I knew. He had (and still has) the ability to break down real estate news in an entertaining way that the average agent can easily comprehend.

We’d been bumping into each other at conferences for years, and turns out, we were both over the industry BS: overpriced pre-licensing courses, boring social content, legacy media that puts agents to sleep…you get it. 

So, we started getting serious about a solution.


In all our communications we kept coming back to one thing: the residential real estate industry as a whole is a complete racket. We had the initial idea to build a funny real estate course/training platform that would teach newer licensees what actually happens in real estate and how to survive. We’d combine my social media expertise with Byron’s tactical real estate knowledge to create a one-stop shop for everything you NEED to know (and none of the stuff that will make you cringe).

As we were building the course, our conversations began to shift. Here’s what we saw: the real estate media landscape was filled with unnecessary paywalls, boring social content, and repetitive events with the same speakers over and over. 

Industry content lacked edge and personality, failing to resonate with agents who were increasingly consuming content in a social-first world. We craved something fresh, something real, something that spoke to today’s agents.

Fueled by a shared frustration and ambition to change the landscape, Byron and I decided to go bigger. We weren’t just going to build a course, we were going to combine forces to build the media company that we wished existed and the industry deserved. 

On April 18, 2022, we launched BAM Media. It’s the media company for agents who want the same things we do. It’s Business and Marketing for agents of change.