The Massive Agent Podcast™️, one of the most popular podcasts in real estate, is joining the BAM family. 

Hosted by Dustin Brohm, the podcast is an Inman Innovator Awards Finalist and provides listeners with actionable real estate and marketing tactics to take their business to the next level. 

I’ve been listening to the Massive Agent Podcast for years. It’s one of the most well-produced, informative real estate podcasts out there, and it’s an honor to have him join BAM. Dustin’s a guy that’s constantly helping agents improve their business through his content, which is one of our main goals with BAM. He’s also got a great sense of humor and fits the mold perfectly for our culture. Super excited to watch this blow up.

The Broke Agent

The Massive Agent and BAM Partnership

Since its launch in 2018, the Massive Agent Podcast has built one of the most engaged fan bases in real estate. Brohm brings his marketing and real estate expertise to the podcast as a Realtor and team lead in Salt Lake City and the creator of the Massive Agent Society coaching group for Realtors. 

Brohm, alongside his dynamic podcast guests, blazes a trail that breaks the ‘old school’ mentality of the real estate industry. The partnership with BAM came naturally, as all involved with Broke Agent Media work to innovate and create cutting-edge content. 

BAM is always talking about what’s actually important, in a way that’s entertaining. People want to read it, want to watch it, want to consume it, and when that happens, they also retain it, and they’ve actually learned. I’m a huge fan and consumer of BAM content, and the ability to be part of it and add my voice and message to it, I think is very synergistic. It’s also very humbling because I’ve been a fan and consumer of BAM, even before this partnership happened.

Dustin Brohm

The Massive Agent

What to Expect

When asked what listeners of the Massive Agent Podcast could expect with the BAM partnership, Brohm’s response came quickly:

More and better.

His messaging won’t change—Brohm will continue to focus on real estate and marketing strategies that he is passionate about. 

But with access to a wider, larger network, expect our content to keep getting better and better, along with more social content.  

Anytime you can expand your network and have an open mind to learn new things, you’re gonna grow like crazy. So on a selfish note, I plan to grow a ton personally and professionally. I’m excited to collaborate more, reach a wider audience, expand my network, to learn—I’m able to now learn from a much larger group of people that are doing big stuff in the industry.

Dustin Brohm

The Massive Agent

The next Massive Agent Podcast comes out tomorrow! Subscribe and watch new episodes on the BAM YouTube channel.