Hooks master Brooks Landry (aka Captain Hook) teamed up with BAM to create an epic list of hooks you can—and should—steal for your next 100 videos. 

Crafting killer hooks

Before we hand over the full list of hooks, let’s talk about how you can create your own attention-grabbing intros for clips and videos. After all, you can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or….you know the rest. 

Let’s start with the characteristics great hooks have in common:

  1. Attention-grabbing. This one’s the most obvious, and also the hardest to pull off. You must capture the attention of the viewer so they don’t scroll by. More on how to do this below.
  2. Create an emotional connection. When a viewer feels something—whether it’s excitement, curiosity, humor or even anger—you create a bond that makes them more likely to watch until the end. 
  3. Promise value. When you frontload the value in a hook, you let the viewer know what they will gain by watching your video. And if there’s enough in it for them, they’ll stick around to learn more.
  4. Concise. We’re talking seconds. Milli-seconds, in some cases. If a hook is too long or drawn out, viewers will move on to something else.

Rule #1: Attention-grabbing

It’s one thing to know that you need to grab the viewer’s attention, but the real question is, how do you actually do it?

To help you out, here are 10 effective ways to create attention-grabbing hooks:

1. Shock Factor

One effective way to grab viewers’ attention is to use a shocking or unexpected statement. It can be something surprising, provocative or controversial. Just be sure you can handle the comment section if you opt for something polarizing (and keep in mind that comments feed the algorithm). There’s a reason this Byron Lazine clip (featuring Glennda Baker) racked up millions of views—it has that shock factor.

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2. Intrigue

If you pique the viewer’s curiosity or entice them with a bit of mystery, they are likely to stick around for more. This can be achieved by starting with a question or teaser, leaving viewers wondering what’s going to happen next. Brooks Landry definitely got us here.

3. Create suspense

Tease something interesting or exciting that happens later in the video, creating suspense that keeps the viewer engaged. Taya DiCarlo makes us wonder what the right plan is in this video.

4. Offer value

Make it clear that your video offers something of value to the viewer, such as exclusive information or helpful tips. With Tom Toole’s “Agent Hacks,” we always know what we’ll be learning within the first 2 seconds. 

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5. Personalization

Personalizing the hook can also be effective. Addressing the viewer directly or mentioning something relevant to their experiences can make them feel seen and heard, and encourage them to keep watching. It feels like Katie Clancy is speaking directly to us here.

6. Humor

A funny or amusing statement can create an immediate connection with the viewer and make them more likely to keep watching. Matt Lionetti always delivers with humor.


By tapping into the fears or desires of your audience, you can create a sense of urgency that makes viewers stay glued to their screens. Paige Steckling gives us a sense of FOMO in this video—and she even expands with more reasons in the caption.

8. Strong Language

And no, we don’t necessarily mean swearing. Using strong, attention-grabbing language such as action verbs or powerful adjectives helps to create an impact on viewers. This Reel—which is a clip from a Massive Agent podcast—is a perfect example using strong language to hook viewers.

9. Visuals

Hooks aren’t limited to the words you say. Compelling visuals, an intriguing video clip or even text on the screen can draw viewers in. Katie Day and her team know that this price tag is sure to attract any buyer’s attention.

10. Sound

A surprising or unique sound effect or musical cue can also capture the viewer’s attention. The creepy music in the background is perfect for this “You” listing video by Dan Oneil.

Overall, the key to grabbing viewers’ attention is to make the hook engaging, intriguing, or memorable in some way. It’s important to understand your target audience and what they’re interested in, and to use language, visuals, and storytelling techniques that resonate with them. By doing so, you increase the likelihood that viewers will engage with your content and share it with others. The Broke Agent goes into detail on additional ways to ensure your social content stands out in his BAMx courses. Become a member for exclusive access!

Now, let’s get to what you came for. 

100 Hooks for Real Estate Agents

Without further delay, here are 100 hooks you can use for your video content.

We challenge you to use them all by the year’s end.

  1. Here’s how I managed to… (describe something you overcame)
  2. Give me less than 1 minute and I’ll show you how to…
  3. So… I don’t think enough (buyers/sellers/investors) know about this.
  4. This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to … (marketing hook)
  5. You’re finally ready to take (action)
  6. Something I do every (day, week, and month) to grow my (niche business)
  7. This is one of the most important things to remember when (any process…buying/selling)…
  8. Here’s a (lead organization.. Door knocking, cold calling, direct mail, social) tip that changed my business
  9. 3 (niche) hacks
  10. Honestly… I’m sick of hearing about (negative news, and bad traits…)
  11. Do you ever wonder what it would be like if you…
  12. Here’s a fun fact about (niche, business, you can be sarcastic) 
  13. Did you know that you could… (real estate hack)
  14. This (niche, home selling, social media marketing, etc..) trick could result in…
  15. Prepare to be impressed by this (niche hack)…
  16. Please listen to this once (hack)…
  17. If you’re going to do one thing to grow your business it should be this… (hack)
  18. I have a confession to make…
  19. Why does no one talk about this…
  20. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but…
  21. Many people say it’s a (bad, good) move to (hack)…
  22. For those of you who don’t know, here’s how to (hack)…
  23. You won’t believe what I found out…
  24. Have you ever wanted to (hack) without…?
  25. What if I told you there was an easy way to (hack)..?
  26. If you’re looking for a way to (hack) faster…listen up
  27. You won’t believe how much time this (hack) will save you…
  28. Get ready to simplify your life with this one (real estate hack)…
  29. Have you ever wished there was an easier way to (hack)?
  30. I’ve got a secret that will make (hacking) easier and more efficient…
  31. Here’s a foolproof way to (hack) without any trouble…
  32. This (hack) will give you the edge you need…
  33. Take your (hacking/business) skills to the next level with this “sure thing” technique…
  34. You won’t believe how quickly and easily this (hack) will get the (real estate job) done…

  35. Get ready to save time and money with this simple (hacking) trick…
  36. Unleash the power of (hacking) with this innovative method…
  37. Discover a new way to make (hacking) easier and more efficient…
  38. Stop struggling and start (selling, listing, creating) like a pro with this easy approach…
  39. Make your (hacking/business) dreams come true by using this tried and tested technique…
  40. Now you can start (selling/creating) faster, smarter, and better with this simple hack…
  41. Let me show you how to (hack) in 2023
  42. Back then I wish I would have known (how to…)..
  43. This is the perfect way to (hack) like a pro in 2023
  44. With this secret (hacking/business) tip, you can be successful in no time…
  45. It’s time to become an expert in (hacking/real estate business) by using this technique
  46. Get ahead of the competition with this incredible way to (hack/list property) quickly and easily…
  47. Learn the tricks of the trade with this simple but effective approach to (hacking/listing a property)…
  48. This amazing hack can help you become an expert in (hacking/real estate business) overnight…
  49. Put yourself ahead of the competition and take advantage of this top-secret (hacking/investment) technique…

  50. Beat out other realtors with this ingenious way to (hack/negotiate deals) without breaking a sweat…
  51. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but… there’s no such thing as a free lunch. You need to be smart and strategic when it comes to (hacking/real estate investing)…
  52. Set yourself apart from the rest by mastering this (hacking/investment) strategy today!
  53. Put your skills to the test and learn how to (hack/list
  54. Here are 3 things you can do to protect yourself from (recession, lower credit score)…
  55. With this strategy, you can pay off your (mortgage, credit card, etc)… in no time…
  56. GOD, I wish someone had told me about (buying a home, selling, prepping a home)…
  57. Here’s a (real estate, home loan hack) to pay off your (debt, mortgage, credit cards, etc.. ) quicker…
  58. I’m (x) years old and I wish someone told me this when I was (x) years old
  59. The last time this happened to the (niche … home sales, interest rates, etc) this was the number one song
  60. The last time this happened to the (niche … home sales, interest rates, etc) this was the number one movie
  61. The last time this happened to the (niche … home sales, interest rates, etc) this was our president
  62. There is nothing more irritating during (niche) than this… Here’s how to avoid it
  63. Here’s why (niche x) is better than (niche y)
  64. Why you should always consider a (niche) when looking for a home loan
  65. Here’s my top 3 tips to get the most out of your home sale
  66. What every real estate agent looks for before listing a home
  67. Sick of the same old (type of house)? My new listing is…
  68. Can’t find anything in your price range? Here are three tips…
  69. Worried about (the home buying or selling process)? Let me tell you how it actually works
  70. Don’t want to spend a fortune on (renovations, staging, etc)? 
  71. Here are 5 things your Realtor won’t tell you about (buying/selling) in today’s market…
  72. Selling a home (with tenants/in need of repair ) can be a challenge
  73. There’s something important I’ve been wanting to share about [niche].
  74. I’ve been wanting to talk about [niche] and finally have the chance.
  75. I have a burning desire to share something about [niche].
  76. There’s been something on my mind about [niche] that I need to share.
  77. Can I take a moment to share something about [niche] that’s been on my mind?
  78. I’ve been itching to talk about [niche] and I can’t hold it in any longer.
  79. I have some thoughts on [niche] that I’ve been meaning to share.
  80. Finally, I have the opportunity to talk about [niche].
  81. Let’s take a moment to chat about something important in [niche].
  82. I’ve been pondering something in [niche] and I’d like to share my insights.
  83. Looking for the easiest way to achieve [result]? Let me show you.
  84. Achieving [result] doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s the simplest way.
  85. Want to know the secret to achieving [result] with minimal effort? Keep reading.
  86. Are you tired of complicated methods to achieve [result]? I’ve got the simplest way.
  87. Simplify your journey to achieving [result] with this easy method.
  88. Here are some realistic ways to ____ (get the home of your dreams, plan for the future…)
  89. Break free from the (pain point) cycle once and for all!
  90. Don’t worry, you can escape the (issue, pain point, problem) loop with these steps  
  91. Don’t let the (problem, pain point) loop control you any longer… use these tips now!
  92. Stop what you’re doing and listen up – this is the ultimate advice on [niche].
  93. I’ve heard a lot of advice on [niche], but this is the game-changer.
  94. I can’t keep this advice on [niche] to myself any longer – it’s too good.
  95. If you’re serious about [niche], this is the one piece of advice you need to hear.
  96. Are you ready for the secret to success in [niche]? It starts with this advice.
  97. Beware of this harmful myth in the [niche] industry that most people believe.
  98. Here’s a myth in the [niche] industry that can be damaging if you believe it.
  99. Many people in the [niche] industry fall for this dangerous myth. Here’s why you shouldn’t.
  100. My favorite [niche] practice is…

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